This DIY Solar System Can Slash Electricity Bills and Free You From Your Energy Company

This solar design has allowed thousands of "regular people" to immediately slash their electricity bill up to 65% and free themselves from the Power Monopoly.

After a brutal winter storm left him and his family stuck at home for four days with NO food or water, Zackery Bennett, a 42-year-old family man, vowed he'd NEVER let his family find themselves in that dangerous situation ever again. Filled with anger, he set out to create his own home energy system.

His ultimate goal was to create an energy system that was so cheap and easy to build that anyone could do it - regardless of whether or not they had previous DIY experience.

This sytem should also be able to produce all the renewable/green energy he'd ever want and need right at home...without relying on his utility compnay.

And finally, as mentioned, his last goal was to make his home completely immune to power outages. If a large storm ever swept through his area again, he would never find himself or his family in an emergency situation - total independence.

Cue Tim Baker, a solar and wind power expert. Together, they came up with a perfect, compact solution that changed the DIY, Off-Grid, Survival, and Solar Industries forever...

All the electricity we'd ever need can now be produced from renewable, clean energy sources

Modern technology has made it possible for anyone to independently produce clean, safe, and free renewable energy without relying on the power monoplies and their high-polution power plants. All savvy homeowners know the best way forward is to harness the unlimited power of the sun and wind in an easy and cost effective way.

By building small, compact, and independent power systems that rely on the sun, we are able to make our homes immune to power outages and blackouts. So no matter how many people around us are sitting in a cold, dark home, we're able to have the peace of mind knowing our home remains well protected and our familes will remain safe.

What is so great is that literally anybody can do this... you do not need to possess any special skills, technical abilities, or special equipment. Most people already have all the tools needed to build Zack's independent energy system right in their garage. Even complete beginners can build this unique and revolutionary system, from start to finish, in less than an hour. Considering the system is designed to operate with no maintenance and will continue to pay you back for years to come, that's a great return on your time investment!

Over the last 3 years 9,000 familes and over 43,000 people around the World have built and benefited from Zack's system. Even if their "end-goal" is not to separate themselves from their power company, they still understand that, in times of emergency, generators will eventually run out of gas... Zack's solar system never will.

I am sure that by now you are intrigued and would like to know how this system works. Watch Zack's free video presentation to find out.

Presentation Testimonials

Zack sure does love to talk…LOL. Awesome information, my husband and I are looking online for all the materials to hopefully build this shortly. Thank you Zack!
Peggy Willis
Omaha, Nebraska

I took the concept and plans Zack shared in the video to build myself one of these solar generators. That was three months ago and since then I haven’t had to touch it once. It sits outside and charges my batteries all day while I am at work, and when I come home I run all my electronics off of that free energy until I go to bed. I want to build a larger unit soon so I can knock even more off my bill. Just so hard to find time nowadays!
Michael Bradley
Las Vegas, Nevada

My boys and I built one of these for our camping trips. It’s so easy to throw one in the back of the car and then take off somewhere. It was an awesome project for all of us, and I’m sure the boys learned a little something. Thanks Zack.
Brenden Perry
Salem, New Hampshire

I thought it was junk. I thought no way it would actually work because in all the pictures I saw half of the unit was always in the shade. But, I had some excess lumber laying around and the solar panels were cheap enough, so I built one. Then I built a second. And third…and fourth. The last one I built followed the exact same plans Zack provided except scaled up about 5x. I’ve gotten it down to a science now and after all the work I hardly see a power bill over $50, which is a miracle considering it used to be north of $300. Thank you for proving me wrong, Zack.
Jeff Goodman
Davenport, Iowa